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Marketing Highlights

The marketing positions I have held on the client or corporate side have provided me with opportunities to turn concepts into one-of-a-kind marketing programs that really worked. These experiences perfected my skills at multi-tasking, wearing many hats, working with Advertising Agencies, and taking ideas from concept to implementation.

These positions also gave me great experience developing collateral materials, producing video, managing trade shows, developing brand identity, and working effectively with many departments within an organization.

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I love advertising. I appreciate good, or should I say effective advertising, and loathe ads that do not accomplish the bottom line objectives of increasing awareness and sell products. I worked as an Account executive at Quill Communications, a business to business agency with blue chip clients like Hewlett-Packard and Qualcomm as well as years of experience on the corporate side working as the liaison to the agency.

I believe that creativity in itself is not effective. Creativity that reaches the target audience in a way that moves them to buy your product is what advertising is all about for me. Often, the audience is not looking for creativity, but a simple, feature-oriented ad that speaks to their needs.

My strong point in an agency environment is my ability to work as well with the client as I do with the creative staff. My business skills and ability to convey my sales and marketing knowledge to the suits builds trust while my ability to hang with the creatives(who I relate to more and enjoy brainstorming with) bridges the gap between creativity and bottom line. I’m able to translate and sell the client the message and design aspects of a concept or ad while conveying the clients needs to the creative staff in an understandable manner.

Although my stint on the agency side was short, the knowledge I gained in the areas of graphic design, print production, web design, copywriting, and agency protocol, have proved to be invaluable as a marketer with a limited budget and for future use on the agency side.

Pictured below are some of the campaigns I worked on at Quill.

Fresh Start Surgical Gifts

Hewlett-Packard Cyberonics

Quill Communications



This is an area where I can honestly call myself an expert. With over 100 events produced as Art Marketing Manager for Masco, and another 100 or so through other positions. From black tie art openings to national trades shows to local seminars, I've planned and hosted them all. Add to that my annual Summer Solstice Celebration, The Hansen's Marching Surfboard Brigade, Rock & Roll Kickball, The Creative Cocktail Collective and monthly dinner parties, and I think I have my bases covered in this category. At one point as Art Marketing Manager, I had an opening in different cities for 6 consecutive weeks while planning the next seasons shows. Lot’s of detail work that goes into events and I’m good at getting that done and playing host.

Event planning experience carries over into every type of position. It is basically a flair for entertaining and tailoring the event to the desired audience. I know how to pick a restaurant or entertainment based on the type of individual or group I’m entertaining and keep the mood upbeat and fun-regardless of who I’m with.

I have also played a prominent role in organizing and attending a wide variety of trade shows nationwide. From the National Kitchen & Bath Show to Comdex and a host of others in between. I know how to work the logistics of participating in a show and how to work the floor during a show.

Pictured below are some examples of events I have produced in a professional and personal capacity.

KickStart Event


Masco Invites




















The Masco Art Marketing Program

(This requires some explaining)

Masco Corporation purchased 60 million dollars worth of art from it’s CEO in 1994. Being a publicly held corporation, the move raised a few eyebrows. It also created a need to do something productive with the art. A subsidiary was formed called Epic Fine Art which immediately opened a gallery in New York and purchased MorningStar Gallery in Santa Fe. Being in the home furnishings business, a program was created that allowed customers(high end furniture retailers, design centers, and custom home builders) to utilize two traveling exhibits to draw customers to their stores or building projects. The demographics were ideal, high end furniture customers tend to be arts patrons and love a good social event.

Masco brought me on board to get the program running, manage all aspects of it, and fine tune it as we went along. Nothing like this had ever been attempted with a corporate art collection so I had nothing to benchmark. I produced a “how to utilize the collection” video that helped customers grasp the marketing potential of the program and visualize it in their stores. Event attendance averaged 300 people and we went from six events the first year to 30 the second and 40 the third. Media coverage was extensive and the retailers and builders were thrilled to have art of such regard in their stores. In medium and smaller markets, the events generated a huge buzz among the community and made the participating retailer the center of attention for a week long period.

My role as manager of the program had me interacting with Richard Manoogian, CEO of Masco, presidents of furniture etailers, advertising agencies, corporate legal departments, art curators, accounting types, and a corporate marketing department to name a few. Saying I wore many hats is an understatement. Besides promoting the events and managing all of the details and logistics of two traveling exhibits that had me in a different city every week, I also designed and hung the show, hosted the events as Masco spokesperson, and lectured local arts organizations and art history classes on the exhibits. I should add that prior to this my art background was not extensive. I quickly became an expert in 19th Century American paintings to the point where I was able to guest lecture on the subject.

The program was cut after Masco sold off the Furniture companies, eliminating 90% of my venues in the process. The program was a huge success and an excellent experience.

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Smartcode Software

My role as Sales & Marketing Manager at Smartcode has me dividing my time between sales management duties and developing marketing programs. The marketing programs have proven to be a huge challenge given the limited budget. On the flip side, it was just me and my graphic designer conceptualizing and designing the brochures, direct mail, and other collateral materials. I took agency friends out to dinner for their input or “consulting” expertise. No committees, or advertising agencies telling me my concepts won’t work simply because they came from a marketing guy. The pieces that were implemented were very effective and done cost effectively. I’m one of those marketing guys that has the combination of business skills and creativity to wear both hats.

This hands on approach proved to be very fulfilling as a marketer with Smartcode. Here are some of the pieces I developed.

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Quill Communications

Quill is a full service ad agency that needed an internal Account Executive to create and drive the transition from the cute but tired “Marketing Superheros” to the more businesslike and visually creative “Make Your Mark”. These campaigns were vehicles to promote Quill as a full service marketing communications agency with an emphasis in high-tech accounts.

My role in the “Make Your Mark” campaign was to act as the internal Account Executive between management and creative. I also was responsible for publicizing our new identity through trade shows-creating a new Quill booth, strategically placing ads in business to business publications, and sponsoring local high tech events.

The “Make Your Mark” campaign is still being utilized by Quill and can be found on their web site at Some of the images I was behind from the Account side can be found below.


Make Your Mark Image 1


Make Your Mark Image 2
Make Your Mark Image 3

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