My family is awesome. My dad died last year at 90. He lead a rich and full life. My mom Rita is 84. She is still active as ever...they were married 60 years. They are the definition of good people and a great combination of nonstop energy-my mom, and soft spoken leadership-my dad. I like to think I inherited many of their qualities. They are unselfish, generous, and fun-loving, and they did a great job raising six children with tweny years between us.

My siblings are all great people who have become very successful in their chosen fields.
I'll go oldest to youngest:

Michael is ultra cool attorney/marathon promoter who has been in Cincinnati for over 20 years.

Sue is my killer older sister with a passion for workers rights and safety. Sue lives in Corktown in Detroit by the old Tiger Stadium. She has a daughter Rachel who has a masters in Library Science and runs a library in East Lansing, Michigan.

Gerry is next in line and a high powered merger and acquisition specialist. GB has been a huge help to me in providing advice and direction through the years in both personal and career matters. He has a great wife Cathy and four awesome kids Shannon, Moira, Joe, and Dan.

Maryanne runs a library system in Bath, Michigan and has always been a source for good advice, and good reading recommendations. Her husband Charlie is a champion taxidermist and she has a great family as well with two boys Will, a sophomore at Columbia, Liam and a daughter Annie.

Barbara practically raised me being the closest to me in age. Barb lives in Cincinnati as well and is involved in health and safety as well. Barb has a righteous son Conner.

My brothers and sisters all share a love of laughter and really care about each other. It has been an advantage for me being the youngest and learning from their success. Another part of my family is my son Quinn. The mighty Quinn or Quinn the Eskimo.

Quinn deserves his own page so link to him for more information and photos.



707 Lawson - Royal Oak, Michigan
Home of the Boylans

My dad as a young buck


The Boylan Boys


The Boylan Sisters


Shannon & Moira Boylan


The 2004 Hansen's Marching Surfboard Brigade


Quinn Jammin at Moonlight Music


DB & Quinn
With Quinn at Stone Steps, September, 2002
Me and Dad