I have been lucky to have been exposed to a lot of great people throughout my travels and various places I have called home. I thrive on a diverse group of friends that range from artists and musicians, to chefs, lawyers, corporate guys, writers, surfers, doctors, nurses, advertising pros, and techies. The one thing they all share is the ability to appreciate the unique skills of people that are doing something completely different than them. They also have a huge sense of humor and have very eclectic tastes in everything....kind of like me. Some friends, like Jimi Klemmer, have withstood the test of time-33 years. Others, like Scott Ouellette, Ken Wells, Jon Jeans, Mike Legue, Harvey Wilson, Wendy Hudson, Nancy Auld, are so much on the same wavelength as me it is kind of scary. It is good to have good friends.

Citrus jammin at the hedontine


Scott Ouellette "guitar god"


Meow Girls

Darrin with a monster Muskie in Lake St. Clair


RJ & Wendy


Surfing at Stone Steps - Thanksgiving 04


Web Master Scott with Tara


Mike, me, and Kevin, hangin in Orlando


Nancy, Rob, and Wendy


Michael and Andrea


Joel and Annie

Guitar mon
John Jeans

Pete Honda and the boys playing 150 Neptune