"David has a rare combination of conceptual creativity and street-smart business sense. I've been amazed at how he is able to come up with a very creative idea, then back it up with a solid business plan to make it work. Add to that his ability to get out and make the pitch, and what you are getting is a pretty well rounded package. He has a blast doing business and I really enjoy working with him. Hire this guy, you won't be disappointed."

Scott Ouellette
Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Service Reps, Detroit, MI


"I have been in the design and advertising business in Chicago for 26+ years having worked in some big and small agencies as Creative Director, and a stint in corporate design group before starting my own company in 1988. . The bottom line on David is that he is a very smart marketer and a hell of a salesperson. I highly recommend him for any sales or marketing related postion.

Daniel Christmas
Design Alliance, Inc.
Chicago, IL


"I've been a colleague of David's for over five years. I think his accomplishments speak for themselves. Besides that, his mix of business smarts, creativity, selling skills, and event marketing are perfectly suited for an agency or company looking for a dynamic AE/Supervisor/Sales Pro."

John Grimshaw- Vice President/Media Director, NYCA Encinitas, CA www.nycaworld.net


"David is an amazing guy for many reasons, but on the business level, his remarkable skill for visualizing a particular project and pulling it all together to the highest degree are what both set him apart from all others as well as make him a joy to work with. As a creative, I've always been impressed with his ability to not only understand a concept, but to actually be a part of the creative process from the beginning, a trait that some of the best marketing gurus fail to possess. I recommend Dave not only as a coworker, but also as a friend."

Ken Wells
Multi-Media Artist
Alchemy Design
San Diego, CA