I thrive on selling and the sales environment. I love to do deals.

Having worked as both a direct salesperson and a national/regional sales manager of products and services ranging from technology solutions to non-profits, National Sales & Marketing Manager for a leading provider of Palm Computing software, high-end textiles and furnishings to the trade, bathroom products to big box retailers and creative services(advertising agency) so I know what it takes to sell and manage the selling process on every level.

I've managed ten million dollar territories and sold million dollar contracts.

I've sold to all of the big boxes in different industries. Junior Achievement National, Home Base, Fred Meyer, Orchard Supply, in the building supply business. CompUSA, BestBuy, Office Depot, Staples, Fry's, Circuit City, and a host of regional players on the consumer electronics side.

As a sales manager, I know how to get the most out of reps working for me by creating an environment that allows them to grow and earn money. I also take a personal interest in what makes them tick, things they enjoy, goals, and how I can help them get there.

I know how to build business relationships, establish trust, and make the buyers job easy. I've traveled extensively (see Road Warrior page), so I am accustomed to that lifestyle and work effectively from anywhere. Entertaining comes easy to me and I am very good at matching a dinner or activity to the personality of the buyer. People enjoy working with me. .

I use technology to my advantage and keep up on everything that increase the bottom line and productivity.

As a sales pro, I come with the added dimension of being a savvy marketer as well. This is huge when marketing campaigns are being put in place and you want the bottom line sensibility of a sales guy, as well as the creative mind of a marketer. I can contribute effective concepts to marketing that lead to very effective advertising that works. My event planning experience also helps in the sales area as well when planning unique and innovative events surrounding product launches, trade shows, etc.

Every sales position I have held has resulted in an increase in sales, distribution, and channel relationships. I have also built brand awareness along with the selling process.